Cale's & Mole's cute yet functional design is popular for children's' rooms, especially with our use of low VOC materials. The arms move up and down like a bird's wings to create sleeping or sitting space.

Mechanism Multi-positional Armrests
Cushion Drop-In coil springs with multi-layered polyurethane chips
Fabric Colours of models shown are: Cale Triple L-1379 Ivory (S3) and Mole SH-C UP-8433 Yellow (S3) on inner sections and SH-C UP-8442 Blue (S3) on outer facing sections. Please inquire about the full line of fabrics available for this model.
Notes Compact love seat. Can convert into a bed even right against the wall. Storage space under the seat on Cale (W1030×D560×H160). Mole also offers wooden leg options.
Sleeping Area 1860mm x 690mm

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