Epoch is a great sofa bed for an office setting with its simple style, extensive sizing options to fit any room, as well as its wood armrest options that are both practical in preventing stains and elegant.

Mechanism Forward Sliding
Cushion Drop-In coil springs with multi-layered polyurethane chips
Fabric Colour of model shown is  SH-C UP-8425 Grey (S3). Please inquire about the full line of fabrics available for this model.
Notes 8 sizes in increments of 100mm available with wood and non-wood armrest options. Can convert into a bed against the wall.
Sleeping Area 1200mm x 980mm
1300mm x 980mm
1400mm x 980mm
1500mm x 980mm
1600mm x 980mm
1700mm x 980mm
1800mm x 980mm
1900mm x 980mm

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