Whether you use it as a day bed for deep napping or you just want to lounge in leisure, Every's multiposition armrests will provide you the optimal position every time. It's cheery, vivid colour will also brighten up any room.

Mechanism Forward Sliding (Eva &Every)Multi-positional Armrests (Every)
Cushion Zigzag sinuous springs with multi-layered polyurethane chips
Fabric Colour of model shown is Frank Red (S7). Please inquire about the full line of fabrics available for this model.
Notes Compact design further aided by adjustable armrests that can be put in the down position only when in use.
Sleeping Area Eva (*estimated, within armrests)
125:1250mm x 1040mm
145:1450mm x 1040mm
Every (*estimated)
125:1860mm x 1040mm
145:2060mm x 1040mm

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