With hotels in mind, Knight was designed with our magical motion to offer the easiest to use multi-functional sofa bed in a compact size, while still offering a sleeping area 2000mm long to accommodate almost any guest.

Mechanism Auto-Telescopic MechanismManual Telescopic Mechanism
Cushion Multi-layered polyurethane foam chips
Fabric Colour of model shown is Midboarder UP208 (S6) and Smoothie UP404 (S5) on the armrests and sides. Please inquire about the full line of fabrics available for this model.
Notes Compact design of only 1040mm in depth while unfolding into a 2000mm long sleeping area. Offered in 5 sizes ranging from a mattress width of 1000mm and in 100mm increments up to 1400mm.
Sleeping Area 2000mm x 1000mm
2000mm x 1100mm
2000mm x 1200mm
2000mm x 1300mm
2000mm x 1400mm

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