Puria & Wanita are a flexible sectional set that combine to make a king size bed up a width of 1970mm.

Mechanism Double Extension Drawer (Puria)Hinge to access the storage space (Wanita)
Cushion Pocketed spring with multi-layered polyurethane chips
Fabric Colour of model shown is Brillerpierre UP-8275 (S5). Please inquire about the full line of fabrics available for this model.
Notes Choose from 5 sizes in Puria. Wanita has storage space under the seat (corner W580×D660×H250, W1020×D660×H250)
Sleeping Area 1950mm x 1540mm
1950mm x 1640mm
1950mm x 1740mm
1950mm x 1940mm

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